Gherkins are properly graded, sorted, soaked and washed before being put into the packing medium in barrels of High Density Polyethylene allowed for food products with an adjusted mechanism (compensator) that pushes the gherkins down under the cover liquid which fills the barrels entirely. Lid with gasket and O-ring is used to avoid any external contact. The 3 categories according to the media of packing are 'in brine', ' in natural alcoholic vinegar' and 'in acetic acid'. Acidity of gherkins packed in acetic acid and natural alcoholic vinegar is 3.2%, with an allowance for 0.2% (+) or (-) and its salinity is 4%, with an allowance for 0.2% (+) or (-). Salinity of gherkin preserved in brine (as sodium chloride) is 15%, with an allowance for 1% (+) or (-), acidity (as lactic acid) >0.6 % and pH <3.5%. These specifications may be slightly modified according to the specific requirements of the targeted buyers.